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Chromosome 21 Sites
HC21 cSNP database and map Chromosome specific cSNP database and map, covers a large proportion of chromosome 21 genes.
ERI Chromosome 21 Mapping and Sequence Database Links to HC21 sequence (Email BLAST server available), STS and Cell hybrid data
Index of protein sequence entries encoded on human chromosome 21 A lists of the human protein sequence entries whose genes are known to be encoded on chromosome 21 in the latest release of SWISS-PROT as maintained by Stylianos Antonarakis
Max Planck Institute for Molecular Genetics, Berlin, Germany Human Chromosome 21 Project in Berlin. Map display tool (Online Chromosome 21 Database), information about HC21 sequencing and HC21 Sequencing at MPIMG
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Human Genome Center P1 map of the DSCR
Genome Sequencing Centre Jena German Genome project sequencing at Jena, including HC21, BLAST with no algnments, clone maps and Rummage analyses of sequence (follow the link to the appropriate map).
Dept. of Genome Analysis, GBF Braunschweig German Genome project sequencing at GBF Braunschweig, including HC21
Japanse Genomic Sequencing The ALIS Project in JST encourages large-scale DNA sequencing Projects in Japan. Sequencing data and maps, including HC21, from either the Department of Molecular Biology,  Keio University School of Medicine,  including maps or the Human Genome Center,  Institute of Medical Science,  University of Tokyo (see Chromosome 21 Sequence Maps below), is available here.
Human Chromosome 21 Sequence Map Institute of Medical Science, The University of Tokyo, Human Genome Research Group, Genomic Sciences Center at RIKEN and Human Genome Center with BLAST
Integrated Human Chromosome 21 Maps with Sequence Human Genome Research Group, RIKEN Genomic Sciences Center (GSC) with Integrated Marker Arrangement Project
UniGene data on HC21 Known and unknown HC21 transcripts as represented mainly by ESTs
Gene Map of the Human Genome, '98 HC21 Known and Genes and Unigene clusters that map to HC21 by RH mapping (Can be some errors)
Whitehead Institute/MIT Center for Genome Research Genetic (including SNP), physical, STS, Radiation hybrid and integrated maps of the human genomeHC21 SNPs
Partial aneuploidies of chromosome 21: a genotype and phenotype database. This database can be accessed through the infobiogen server with a password obtained from J.Delabar :delabar@necker.fr
HC21 SNPs produced in Geneva 12/20 genes tested posted so far (25/4/99)! Follow the link and ask  Dr Hamish S. Scott for additional information. Password protected. More genes and SNPs from genomic sequence coming soon
NCBI Human Chromosome 21 genome sequencing Some information on BACs, STSs etc
NCBIs Human Genome Resources Guide Including their guide to HC21 genomic sequencing
CEPH Chromosome 21 mapping resources Some information on BACs, STSs etc
List if HUGO/GDB Chromosome Editors, including HC21

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